Regulatory Agency: Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC)

Program: Medical and Recreational

License Types: Class 1 Cultivator, Class 2 Manufacturer, Class 3 Wholesaler, Class 4 Distributor, Class 5 Retailer, Class 6 Delivery, Conditional License, Testing License

Note: cultivation licenses and vertical integration are not available until 2/23/23. Delivery, distribution, and wholesaler licenses are not yet available, but draft regulations are currently published and licensing is expected to be allowed early 2023

License Fees: Cultivation $1,000-$50,000; Manufacturer $1,000-$30,000; Retailer $1,000-$10,000; Testing Laboratory $4,000;

Application Fees: $100-$1,600; additional $2,000+ in other assorted fees i.e. background investigation fee

Traceability: TBA

New Jersey has the 3rd Largest Cannabis Market in the World

Estimated to be worth $1.9 B Market by 2025

Estimated 1M Cannabis Consumers 

Total Population: 9.3M

Early Medical & Recreational Market

Manufacturing, Distribution