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YES Cannabis is a development and holding company that focuses on operational excellence in the cannabis industry. 

What we do

We provide innovative solutions and strategies that create sustainable and enduring value for the companies in which we create, invest, and operate.

Accelerate Brands

Our team develops and expands your ideas with excellence in the cannabis industry.

Access Supply Chain

Our network consists of a stable supply chain framework that compounds growth overtime.

Scale Your License

Our highly effective go-to-market strategies provide resources to countless underutilized cannabis businesses.

yes is leading the way

Our management services licensed IP, and go-to-market strategies provide the resources to countless underutilized cannabis businesses. 

Licenses Scaled

Brands Launched

Product Lines Launched

Trademarks Protected


From a network to an ecosystem, we have been putting together the next evolution to scale our offering into new states, countries, and communities with vertical access.

Brands & partners

Unleashing Possibilities, Redefining Excellence.


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