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YES Cannabis leads with business intelligence, not hype. Helping operators navigate this difficult industry, Matthew Martinez, supports leaders across the supply chain to identify positive change opportunities, execute and realize stability. These days, stability IS success; you can count on YES Cannabis to help your enterprise reach stability while optimizing for the long goal. YES Cannabis products and brands stand out from the crowd because their focus is not their social media experience; their focus is their customer experience. YES Cannabis offers a suite of no- bullshit cannabis goods that are clean, effective and deeply rooted in the integrity of the plant. YES Cannabis is the real deal.

Gavin Kogan
Chairman & Founder
Grupo Flor

YES Cannabis is one of the most astute operators in a very complicated, confusing and difficult-to-navigate industry. Led by Matthew Martinez, who is a very seasoned operator, YES Cannabis can support operational needs from cultivation, distribution, and manufacturing all the way to branding and retail. While operating one of the largest edible manufacturing brands in the country, I called on Matt and YES Cannabis to help consult for distribution and within 6 months, we turned the corner from massive losses to breaking even. His knowledge and ability to quickly find the holes, plug them up and constant improvement allowed me to keep almost 20 employees on the payroll and continue servicing almost 8 brands. YES Cannabis products and brands, in my opinion, are the best in the industry. You can feel safe when consuming and enjoying any product that has been made by or with YES Cannabis.

Justin Braune
Fmr. President
Northbud USA & Made By Science

YES Cannabis boasts some of the best operators in all of cannabis. In addition to offering their own premium flower, extract, edible, and tincture brands, and patented pioneering extraction technology, they provide premium management services to help other operators turn around distressed operations and grow their businesses better. And with cannabis connections across the country and around the world, they are well-positioned to help cannabis companies expand into new states and international territories. YES Cannabis provides the steadiest of hands in a very shaken global cannabis industry.

Tom Zuber
Managing Partner
Zuber Lawler & Board Member