The trajectory of medical cannabis sales in Arkansas continues to set new records, with transactions in the state soaring to $23.2 million in July. This robust performance propels the total sales of medical marijuana in Arkansas for the initial seven months of 2023 to an impressive $164.6 million. Remarkably, this figure surpasses the corresponding period’s sales from the previous year by a substantial margin of $7.3 million, as reported by Fayetteville TV station KNWA.

One notable factor contributing to this surge in sales is the marked increase in the number of medical marijuana cardholders within the state. Since the advent of August 2022, the count of patients has surged from 88,893 to 94,059, in accordance with data provided by the Arkansas health department. This expanding patient base is undoubtedly bolstering the state’s medical cannabis market.

Scott Hardin, the official spokesperson for Arkansas’ Department of Finance and Administration, has expressed optimism regarding the foreseeable sales trajectory. He stated that if the current sales patterns persist over the coming months, the total sales for the entirety of 2023 could potentially exceed an impressive $280 million.

In the realm of specific sales figures, medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas have effectively marketed and distributed 29,057 pounds of medical cannabis during the initial six months of 2023. This noteworthy achievement reflects a remarkable 23% increase when juxtaposed with the analogous period in the previous year.

The state’s proactive approach to medical cannabis regulation and the growing acceptance of its therapeutic benefits are likely contributors to the surging sales figures. With an expanding patient base and a positive trajectory in sales, Arkansas is solidifying its position as a significant player in the medical cannabis industry.

Arkansas’ medical cannabis market continues to make substantial strides, as evidenced by the record-breaking sales figures in July and the overall upward trend in transactions throughout 2023. The expanding number of medical marijuana cardholders and the persistent efforts of dispensaries are collectively driving this exceptional performance. The state’s potential to achieve sales exceeding $280 million for the year underscores the robust growth of the medical cannabis sector in Arkansas.


Source: Mjbizdaily


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