In a significant stride towards enhancing access to medical cannabis information and services, YesCannabis has proudly launched the TexMed App. Designed with the Texas community in mind, this groundbreaking application is poised to become the go-to resource for anyone seeking information, education, and support within the Texas Medical Cannabis Market.


As the medical cannabis landscape evolves across the United States, Texas is making strides of its own in facilitating access to this alternative form of medicine. At the forefront of this movement is Yes Cannabis, a leading name in the cannabis industry. Their latest offering, the TexMed App, is set to revolutionize how the Texas community engages with the medical cannabis market.

The TexMed App Features

Physicians List

One of the standout features of the TexMed App is its comprehensive list of certified physicians specializing in medical cannabis. Finding a qualified healthcare professional who understands the intricacies of medical cannabis has never been easier. The app connects patients with knowledgeable doctors who can provide expert guidance and recommendations tailored to their unique medical needs.

The Physicians List feature allows users to easily search for certified physicians in their area.

Step 1. Click Physician List on the tab or click the Image with Physician word on it.

Step 2. Use the search option for a specific doctor you want to search or scroll down to browse the list of doctors available. You can switch pages by scrolling down and clicking on the next button.


Step 3. Within each Doctor listed is a full page of information, including the name, specialty, address, phone number, and links to public reviews such as WebMD and US News.

Research Form

The Research Form feature provides a user-friendly interface for users to submit information to continually refine the market research in Texas related to medical cannabis and its compassionate use program.

The TexMed App and its Market Research function simplify the process of obtaining user-friendly feedback on the existing knowledge of the Texas Compassionate Use Program. 

User submissions are intended to continually improve the offering and enable operators as well as policymakers more aware of the program and its latest status, all within a few taps on their mobile devices in a short 5-minute survey format.

Don’t forget to hit ‘Submit’ at the bottom of the page.

Market Data

The Market Data feature offers regularly updated insights on market access such as physician counts, patient counts, and other relevant market trends.

Staying informed about the ever-evolving medical cannabis market in Texas is crucial for both patients and industry stakeholders. The TexMed App ensures that users have access to regularly updated market data, including the total number of patients, physicians, licenses issued, and the total population of Texas.

This feature empowers users to make informed decisions about their medical cannabis journey, taking into account the current patient base, availability of healthcare professionals, the overall licenses issued, and the scale of the market concerning the total population of Texas.

Simply click the Market Data on the tab and the dashboard will be shown.


The Education section provides articles, videos, FAQs, and expert insights on medical cannabis.

Education is at the heart of responsible and safe medical cannabis use. YesCannabis understands this, and the TexMed App is packed with educational resources, including information on various medical conditions that are allowed by the compassionate use program, product education on the varieties of products offered or available, and a comprehensive glossary of industry jargon.

Users can access these valuable resources to learn about medical cannabis, understand its applications for specific conditions, and familiarize themselves with important terminology and product details. 

A big part of safe access for us is educating medical patients to know what they’re using, to easily discuss their needs with doctors, and identify the right products through licensed operators.

Step 1. Click Education on the tab or scroll down and click the Image with Education on it

Step 2. Scroll down and browse over to conditions, product education, or glossary.


This section provides information about various medical conditions that can be treated or managed with medical cannabis. It offers insights into how medical cannabis can potentially benefit individuals with specific health issues, helping users make informed decisions about their treatment options.

You can click See All or drag the scroll bar at the bottom.

When clicking on a specific condition, in this case, Epilepsy, there is a brief description of the condition, the estimated population in the US with the condition, as well as resource pages from government agencies and WebMD on the specific condition

Product Education


Within this feature, you can explore detailed information about different medical cannabis products available in the market. The product section covers aspects such as product types, descriptions, regularly used consumption methods in other markets, dosages, and regularly occurring effects that are potential. These data points are made accessible for each individual product.

This product education was inspired to empower users to understand the products being prescribed to them based on their individual needs and preferences as well as understand other methods to better have a dialogue with physicians and operators.


The glossary is a comprehensive resource that defines and explains important terms and concepts related to medical cannabis. It’s a valuable tool for users to familiarize themselves with terminology and jargon in a complicated industry. The comprehensive list consists of hundreds of terms that are used in the medical cannabis industry, ensuring patients, caregivers, doctors, operators, politicians, or the general curious mind can navigate discussions and information effectively.

These educational components collectively provide users with a well-rounded understanding of medical cannabis, its applications, and the terminology associated with it.

Moreover, the TexMed App’s educational features consist of Leaf411 hotline, an innovative service that allows any user or curious patient to schedule a call with a nurse for personalized guidance and information. Through this hotline medical cannabis-educated, licensed nurses offer guidance to patients on dosing, use, or general conditions, for low to no cost. This unique offering ensures that users can receive expert advice tailored to their specific needs, further enhancing their understanding of medical cannabis and its potential benefits.

You can either call directly via a phone hotline or book a video call appointment directly with a Nurse.

TexMed App sets a goal to benefit the Texas Community as it relates to

Enhancing Access to Physicians

For patients seeking medical cannabis treatment, finding the right healthcare provider is paramount. The TexMed App bridges the gap by facilitating easy connections with certified physicians. This feature ensures that patients can access the care they need promptly.

Empowering The Curious with Dignified Information

Knowledge helps, especially when it comes to medical decisions. With the TexMed App’s research form and educational resources, patients can arm themselves with the information necessary to make informed choices about their healthcare journey.

Supporting Industry Growth

The TexMed App isn’t just for patients; it also supports the growth of the medical cannabis industry in Texas. Businesses can benefit from the app’s market data, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and thrive in this emerging market.

Promoting Responsible Use

YesCannabis is committed to promoting responsible and safe medical cannabis use. Through the TexMed App’s educational resources and guidance, users are empowered to use medical cannabis responsibly, ensuring their health and well-being remain a top priority.

User Experience and Accessibility

Beyond its robust features, the TexMed App boasts a user-friendly interface that caters to individuals with varying levels of tech expertise or conditions. Whether you’re tech-savvy or just starting your digital journey, the app is designed to provide a seamless and accessible experience for all.

How to Get TexMed App

Ready to explore the TexMed App and unlock its wealth of features? You simply access the app today from your desktop or mobile phone by going to or simply search for “TexMed App” and start your journey towards a more informed and empowered medical cannabis experience.

The launch of the TexMed App by YesCannabis marks a significant milestone in the Texas Medical Cannabis Market. It’s a testament to the dedication of YesCannabis in providing valuable resources and support to the Texas community.Whether you’re a patient, healthcare provider, or industry enthusiast, the TexMed App is your gateway to a more informed, connected, and responsible medical cannabis journey.

Join us in spreading the word about the TexMed App. Share this article with your friends, family, and colleagues, and let’s ensure that everyone in the Texas community can benefit from this groundbreaking resource. We also invite you to share your experiences and feedback with us as you explore the TexMed App – your input matters!

Watch the TexMed APP launch video on YouTube


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